Everything Must Go
As: ?
Release: 2010
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A Bag of Hammers
As: Mel
Release: 2011
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The Awakening
As: Florence Cathcart
Release: 2011
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Liars (A-E)
As: ?
Release: 2011
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APPEARANCES > 2013 > Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – February 26
APPEARANCES > 2013 > SiriusXM Studios – February 26

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APPEARANCES > 2013 > HBO Winter 2013 TCA Panel – January 4

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I added outtakes of a shoot Rebecca did this year for In Style:


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Iron Man 3 has a more noncommittal relationship with its women than Tony Stark circa 2008. (Take that, fictional character!) First, Scarlett Johansson bowed out and then the film lost Jessica Chastain. But now that Rebecca Hall has signed on to take the role previously occupied by Chastain, fans have to wonder: Will this one stick?

The Town’s female lead will be playing a scientist who is responsible for the creation and release of Extremis, a nano-technological virus (introduced in the Iron Man six-issue comic book arc Extremis) that was created to develop a race of “super soldiers,” but — as these things tend to do in the comic book world — went awry. It is likely that Hall’s character will be (or at least be based on) Maya Hansen, an ex-girlfriend of Tony Stark’s who calls on the hero to help constrain the evil that she inadvertently released. Cue some tension in the Stark-Potts household.

As this character looks to play a major part in Iron Man 3, fans were excited to hear that the unyielding Chastain was slotted to take the wheel. Hall’s talents have yet to be tested to the same degree. While her The Town performance was none too shabby, the actress does not really have any other memorable roles to her name. And you’d better believe that immersing yourself into a Tony Stark love triangle warrants some mighty acting skill.

How do you think Hall will fare in the Iron Man universe?

Source: Hollywood.com

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I added hundreds of pictures of Rebecca at the Sundance Film Festival, where Lay the Favorite made its premiere!

APPEARANCES > 2012 > The Variety Studio At The 2012 Sundance Film Festival – ‘Lay the Favorite’ Q&A – January 21
APPEARANCES > 2012 > Bing Bar – Day 2 – 2012 Park City – January 21
APPEARANCES > 2012 > ‘Lay the Favorite’ Sundance Film Festival 2012 After-Party
APPEARANCES > 2012 > “Lay The Favorite” Premiere – 2012 Sundance Film Festival Premiere – January 21
APPEARANCES > 2012 > Moroccanoil Supper Suite At Montage – January 22

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APPEARANCES > 2011 > The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2011

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APPEARANCES > 2011 > The BFI London Film Festival: The Awakening – Premiere

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APPEARANCES > 2011 > ‘The Awakening’ Toronto Film Festival Premiere

More distribution news coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival! The new supernatural thriller from Nick Murphy, The Awakening, has been picked up by the Cohen Media Group for a Stateside release.

“Set in post-World War I England in 1921, the film follows a skeptical woman who travels to a countryside boarding school to investigate rumours of an apparent haunting. Just when she thinks she has debunked the ghost theory, she has a chilling spectral encounter which defies all her rational beliefs.”

Rebecca Hall (Dorian Gray, Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974), Dominic West (Hannibal Rising, Punisher: War Zone, Centurion), and Imelda Staunton (Alice in Wonderland) star in the film.


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